Colin Greenwood (Hebden Bridge GC)


Vice President

Jeffrey Callaghan (Bradley Hall GC)

Hon Secretary

Roger Ray (Woodsome Hall) - roger.a.ray@gmail.com - 07985 504062 (was David Stubbings, Crosland Heath GC, to 1.9.2019)

Hon Treasurer

Barry Goldspink Castlefields GC 01484 712381 61 Cornwall Crescent, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse HD6 4DS

Elected Committee members:

Competition Coordinator: Peter Ford Outlane GC 01484 719726 / 07831 103384

Webmaster: Competition Coordinator

Graham Simpson (Marsden GC)

Eddie Waring (Longley Park GC)

Gerald Smith (West End GC)

Mel Bedford (Huddersfield GC)


Co-opted members:- Keith Skippins (Woodsome Hall GC), Gareth Marsden (Castlefields GC)


Honorary Vice Presidents:- David Stubbings (Crosland Heath GC)


Active Past Presidents  
2019 - Iain Pearson Dewsbury District GC
2018 - Alan Harper Marsden GC
2017 - Adrian Ashworth Meltham GC
2016- Stuart Cooke Queensbury GC
2014 Stephen Shaw Longley Park GC

2012 - Doug Priestley

Lightcliffe GC
2011 - Alvan Linley Crosland Heath GC



2009 - Malcolm Turner Outlane GC
2008 - John Turner * Crow Nest Park GC
1998 - Malcolm Elam Huddersfield GC

* Area rep on YRGA committee