Trophy Winners 2022

RT Morley – Dave Paterson (Crow Nest Park GC)

Mellor Trophy –  Outlane GC

League Cup – Crosland Heath GC

Norgate Trophy – Richard Oxley (Dewsbury District GC)

Norgate Team Trophy – Castlefields GC

Presidents Day Jubilee Tankard – Colin Greenwood (Hebden Bridge GC)

Presidents Day Team TrophyCastlefields GC


Trophy Winners 2021

RT Morley – Fred Leek (Castlefields GC)

Mellor Trophy –  Willow Valley GC (P Thompson & P Hartley)

Norgate Trophy – M Wood (Castlefields GC).

Norgate team trophy – Castlefields GC

Presidents Day Jubilee Tankard –  J Cooke (Hebden Bridge GC),

Presidents Day Team trophy – Willow Valley GC

League: Division “A” – Woodsome Hall GC, Division “B” – Castlefields GC, Division “C” – Longley Park GC, Division “D” – Ryburn GC

League Cup – Woodsome Hall GC

Finals Day Four Ball – Richard Scholefield & Andrew Ridsdale – Crosland Heath GC. Finals Day Four Ball 18 hole team aggregate trophy – Crosland Heath GC


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all club competitions in 2020, along with the Annual Dinner, were cancelled and reinstated in 2021.


Trophy Winners 2019

RT Morley – Ian Clarke (Crow Nest Park)

Mellor Trophy – Crow Nest Park (Tony Collins & Mark Kilburn)

Norgate Trophy – C Marlow (Lightcliffe). Norgate team trophy – Dewsbury

Presidents Day Jubilee Tankard – C Dalby (Bradley Hall), Team trophy – Huddersfield

League: Division “A” Huddersfield, Division “B” Bradley Hall, Division “C” Marsden, Division “D” Dewsbury

League Cup – Crow Nest Park

Finals Day Four Ball – David Walker & Josh Reynolds – Crow Nest Park         Finals Day Four Ball 18 hole team aggregate trophy – Dewsbury


Trophy Winners 2018

RT Morley: Paul Mason (Crow Nest Park)

Mellor Trophy: Willow Valley

Norgate Trophy:  P Morris (Crosland Heath)                                                     Norgate team trophy Willow Valley

Presidents Day Jubilee Tankard: I Hill (Crow Nest Park). Team trophy: Willow Valley

League: Division “A” Willow Valley Division “B” Huddersfield Division “C” Lightcliffe Division “D” Elland

League Cup: Meltham

Finals Day Four Ball: Marsden


Trophy winners 2017

RT Morley: 1st N Evans (Huddersfield), 2nd P Ford (Outlane). Section winners: A Hillard (Lightcliffe) & M Smith (Halifax Ogden)

Mellor Trophy; 1st Castlefields 2nd Cow Nest Park

Norgate Trophy; 1st R Johnson (Me) 2nd M Mychaylowskj (LP) Norgate team trophy; Outlane

President’s Day Jubilee Tankard: V Alyappa (West End) 2nd H Westworth (Willow Valley) 3rd P Storer (Meltham)

President’s Day Team Trophy: Crosland Heath / Bradley Hall / West End all with 239 points.

League division winners: ‘A’ Woodsome Hall, ‘B’ Bradley Hall, ‘C’ Hebden Bridge, ‘D’ Todmorden.

League Cup: winners Longley Park 2nd Marsden.

Finals Day Four Ball: 1st T Anderson & R Wood (Meltham) 2nd S Liles & M Cassidy (Willow Valley)

Four Ball 18 hole Aggregate cup winners: Meltham


Trophy winners 2016

RT Morley 1st E Zamberlan (CH) 2nd D Priestley (Li)

Mellor trophy 1st Willow Valley 2nd Marsden

Norgate trophy 1st K Stone (HO) 2nd M Budby (WV) Team trophy Willow Valley

Presidents day; Jubilee tankard K Stone (HO) 2nd A Crabtree (Me) 3rd S Andrews (Hu)

Team trophy winners Huddersfield GC

League division winners; “A” Willow Valley, “B” Huddersfield, “C” Dewsbury, “D” Longley Park.

League cup; 1st Lightcliffe 2nd Marsden.

Finals day fourball 1st C Hickling & J Marcantonio (CH) 2nd D Hill & G Murgatroyd (Qu)


Trophy Winners 2015

RT Morley: 1st Stuart Chaplin (Outlane), 2nd E Pearson (CH)

Mellor Trophy: 1st Lightcliffe, 2nd Dewsbury

Norgate Trophy: N Dadd (WV), 2nd P Smith (BP). Team trophy: Willow Valley

Presidents Day: Jubilee Tankard – 1st P Jeffries (WV), 2nd S Sykes (Ma), 3rd B Harris (Qu)

Presidents Day Team Trophy: Willow Valley GC

League division winners: ‘A’ Willow Valley, ‘B’ Bradley Hall ‘C’ Marsden ‘D’ Saddleworth

League Cup: 1st Woodsome Hall, 2nd Huddersfield

Finals Day Four Ball: 1st R Ray & R Fotheringham (Woodsome Hall), 2nd D Wear & S Walker (HO)

Four Ball 18 hole team trophy: Lightcliffe GC


Trophy Winners 2014

R T Morley 1st D Hibbert (CH) 2nd Z Kahn (WV)

Mellor Trophy: 1st Woodsome Hall (R Ray & J Miller), 2nd Dewsbury

Norgate Trophy 1st M Wood (CNP) 2nd D Wright (CNP) Team Trophy Crow Nest Park

Presidents Day Jubilee Tankard: 1st D Wardle (Hu), 2nd D Morgan (HB), 3rd F Leek (Ca) Team Trophy: Willow Valley

League Division “A” West End, Division “B” Willow Valley, Division “C” Bradley Park, Division “D” Ryburn

League Cup: Willow Valley

Finals Day Four Ball: 1st M Wilson & F Leek (Ca), 2nd F Miskill & R Armillei (LP)