Contact information for officials can be found on the Club Contacts page.

President: John Coupe (Ryburn GC)

Vice President: Phil Smith (Bradley Park GC)

Competition Coordinator: Keith Skippins (Woodsome Hall GC) – hhdrga22@gmail.com

Honorary Secretary: Adrian Ashworth (2017 President) –  hhdrgasecretary@gmail.com

Honorary Treasurer: Tony Parker (Woodsome Hall GC)  

Elected Committee members:

Graham Simpson (Marsden GC)

Eddie Waring (Longley Park GC) – Day Competitions

Mel Bedford (Huddersfield GC)

Craig McMinn (Halifax West End GC) – Handicaps

Simon Simpson (Willow Valley GC)


Honorary Vice Presidents:-

David Stubbings (Crosland Heath GC – past Secretary)

Peter Ford (Outlane GC – past Competitions Coordinator) 

Barry Goldspink (Castlefields GC – past Treasurer)


Past Presidents (optional) :-

2023 – Gerald Smith – Halifax West End GC  
2022 – Gareth Marsden – Castlefields GC  
2021 – Jeffrey Callaghan – Halifax Bradley Hall GC  
2020 – Colin Greenwood – Hebden Bridge GC  
2019 – Iain Pearson – Dewsbury District GC  
2018 – Alan Harper – Marsden GC  
2017 – Adrian Ashworth – Meltham GC  
2016 – Stuart Cooke Queensbury GC  
2014 – Stephen Shaw – Longley Park GC  
2012 – Doug Priestley – Lightcliffe GC  
2011 – Alvan Linley – Crosland Heath GC  
2009 – Malcolm Turner – Outlane GC  
2008 – John Turner * – Crow Nest Park GC   
1998 – Malcolm Elam – Huddersfield GC  

* Area rep on YRGA committee

The Halifax, Huddersfield & District Rabbit Golf Association was formed on May 15th 1953.

The inaugural meeting was held at the White Hart Hotel in Huddersfield.

The clubs present that day were:-

Crosland Heath, Marsden, Woodsome Hall, Meltham, Elland, Huddersfield, Longley Park and Outlane.



The name of the Association shall be The Halifax, Huddersfield and District Rabbit Golf Association.


The area of the Halifax, Huddersfield and District Rabbits Golf Association shall include all it’s member clubs.


The Objects of the Association shall be to :-

(a) Promote the game of golf.
(b) Stimulate and encourage the interest of the longer handicap player. 
(c) Work for the benefit of the Association and Clubs.


(a) To organise and conduct social meetings and gatherings. 
(b) Arrange competitions for ‘Rabbit’ members. 
(c) Encourage and develop the formation of ‘Rabbit’ sections in golf clubs.


Players in all Halifax, Huddersfield & District Rabbit Golf Association Competitions must be a five, six or seven day playing male member of the golf club that they are representing and aged 18 years or older with a World Handicap Index of 14.0 or higher.


Each club shall pay an annual fee before the 31st January. The amount of which shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.


Any ‘Rabbit’ Section may become a member of the Association provided they are approved by the Association Committee (the requirement that their parent club had to be a member of the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs was formally removed by a resolution on 6.1.2020).


The Officers and Committee shall consist of :-

(a) A President who shall be nominated annually from the club whose name was top of the list.
(b) A Vice-President who shall be elected annually from the club who are next in line on the Presidential list. 

(c) Appointed Honorary Life Vice Presidents (by a resolution at the AGM on 6.1.2020). 

(d) A honorary Secretary………elected annually 
(e) A treasurer……….elected annually
(e) Three Committee members, one of whom shall retire annually. Nominations to fill the vacancy shall be received by the Hon. Secretary fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting. 
(f) Past Presidents 
(g) Competition Coordinator, who shall be an ex-officio member 
(h) A quorum of any Association committee meeting or its sub-committee should consist of not less than six members.


(a) The committee may nominate and co-opt other persons who will undertake active work for the general benefit of the Association. Any casual vacancies amongst the officers may be filled by other members of the committee, but every person so chosen shall retain the office only so long as the vacating member would have done if no vacancy had occurred. 
(b) The Hon Treasurer and the Hon Secretary shall retire at the AGM but each shall be eligible for re-election.
(c) At least seven days notice shall be given to officers and members of the committee of forthcoming committee meetings.


(a) An Annual General Meeting of the Association must be held in January or February of the following year to receive the report of the Hon. Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer’s balance Sheet to the end of the previous year. 
(b) The meeting shall be attended by two delegates from each club and the Officers of the Association.
(c) It shall confirm the recommendations for President and Vice-President. It shall elect a Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer and three members. It shall transact any other ordinary business of the Association. The elections should be by a ballot. If Nominations do not exceed the number required then elections may be by show of hands.
(d) The President of the Association, or in his absence the immediate past president, shall preside as chairman. If both these officers are absent a past President shall preside.
(e) All resolutions or amendments should be in writing and require fourteen (14) days notice. Such propositions and/or amendments shall be determined by a majority of the votes by the delegates present and no delegate shall have more than one vote. In the event of an equity of votes recorded, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. 
(f) At least 14 days notice shall be given of every Annual General Meeting.


If the Association shall be wound up, the assets remaining after payments of all debts shall be distributed equally amongst the affiliated clubs at that particular time.

  Presidents of the HHDRGA 
2028   Huddersfield GC
2027   Crow Nest Park GC
2026   Willow Valley GC
2025   Bradley Park GC
2024   Ryburn GC
2023 Gerald Smith West End GC
2022 Gareth Marsden Castlefields GC
2021 Jeff Callaghan Bradley Hall GC
2020 Colin Greenwood Hebden Bridge GC
2019 Iain Pearson Dewsbury GC
2018 Alan Harper Marsden GC
2017 Adrian Ashworth Meltham GC
2016 Stuart Cooke Queensbury GC
2015 Richard Neale  Woodsome Hall GC
2014 Stephen Shaw  Longley Park GC
2013 David Harrison  Halifax Ogden GC
2012 Doug Priestley  Lightcliffe GC
2011 Alvan Linley  Crosland Heath GC
2010 Chris Ibbotson  Elland GC
2009 Malcolm Turner  Outlane GC
2008 John Turner  Crow Nest Park
2007 Tony Taylor  Saddleworth GC
2006 Gordon Buchan Huddersfield GC
2005 Barry Isles Bradley Park GC
2004 Mike Hannaby West End GC
2003 Danny Dickinson Bradley Hall GC
2002 George Arnison* Dewsbury District GC
2001 Eric Singleton Ryburn GC
2000 Robert Grierson Hebden Bridge GC
1999 Jack McGrath Meltham GC
1998 Malcolm Elam* Castlefields GC
1997 Derek Francis* Marsden GC
1996 Norman Addy Crosland Heath GC
1995 M Fox Queensbury GC
1994 P Bottomley Halifax Ogden GC
1993 R Ward Todmorden GC
1992 John Brash Longley Park GC
1991 Donald Wilson* Lightcliffe GC
1990 John Daniel Outlane GC
1989 W Ludlam West End GC
1988 Sam Smith Huddersfield GC
1987 S Smith Bradley Hall GC
1986 R Haigh Dewsbury District GC
1985 B Longbottom Ryburn GC
1984 Brian Hinton* Woodsome Hall GC
1983 Brian Hinton Meltham GC
1982 P Lomas Hebden Bridge GC
1981 D Fryer* Marsden GC
1980 J Moore Queensbury GC
1979 F Whiteley Crosland Heath GC
1978 W R Heap Halifax Ogden GC
1977 W E Holmes* Longley Park GC
1976 J Gilboy Lightcliffe GC
1975 G Blackburn Elland GC
1973/74 F Brown* Outlane GC
1971/72 R T Morley* Bradley Hall GC
1968/70 H Mellor Marsden GC
1966/67 W Taylor West End GC
1964/65 S Smith Meltham GC
1962/63 L Firth* Ryburn GC
1960/61 K M Dyson Huddersfield GC
1959 T L Asquith Bradley Hall GC
1958 E W Carter* Crosland Heath GC
1957 J Halliwell Ryburn GC
1956 Dr T Lucas Woodsome Hall GC
1955 E Hennessey West End GC
1953/54 G A Wood Crosland Heath GC

*Has also held post of Yorkshire Rabbits Golf Association (YRGA) President